About us

Mowisat corporation is a satellite internet service provider of advanced solutions including IOT and blockchain platforms. Mowisat Corporation is founded by young entrepreneurs with expertise in the telecommunications and IT industry.

Our Mission

Mowisat Corporation is bringing broadband connectivity to areas of difficult access in Mexico with the aim to connect the rest of the country, and insert them into the digital economy.

We believe we can help reverse current lack of connectivity in Mexico and help bring people out of poverty by giving them tools that can improve their quality of life as well as create new opportunities in the digital economy, locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Vision

Our goal is to become the largest and most affordable provider of telecommunication services in Latin America to optimize business processes.

We have a strong commitment with our social projects; therefore, we aim to offer internet connectivity, educational platforms and content of value to low-income communities so that their inhabitants have greater opportunities for training and growth.