State-of-the-art internet satellite broadband


The launching of Jupiter 2 satellite makes available the new Ka broadband which exceeds any other satellite tecnology on the market

How it works

Our model makes possible bringing internet to areas of difficult access.

We provide quality internet connectivity through linking the satellite with our dish antennas which spread the connexion through Wi-Fi hotspots.

The flexibility of creating any kind of Wi-Fi network suits different needs.

Also our packages make internet connectivity affordable for any project, wether you want to connect a house or to connect a factory.

Residential, Government & Business

Facility access to broadband in conjunction with our partner.


  • Affordable residential packages with different capacities
  • Fixed monthly fees
  • Monthly capacity packages available from 3 Gb to 40Gb


  • Wi-Fi Hotspots in stores
  • Advertising Module
  • Advertisement revenue generation model
  • Redundancy, Backhaul
  • Hotspots Mobile Banking


  • General Government broadband tenders
  • 170,000 hotspots broadband
  • 30,000 satellite hotspots in rural areas