Social Initiatives

Our core belief is that through digital inclusion we can increase the wellbeing of marginalized communities. Integrate them in the Digital Economy and through online platforms for workshops and training to employ them.

Digital Services go hand in hand with Satellite Broadband. We intend to provide them and deliver them to areas without connectivity in Mexico.

Connecting Anywhere

Mowisat Corporation is bringing broadband connectivity to areas of difficult access in Mexico with the aim to connect and integrate them into the digital economy. Access to the digital economy will help rural population generate income from their communities and stop economic migration.

Our aim is to empower a market of 57.1 million people who currently don’t have access to connectivity in Mexico. We believe we can facilitate new trends and help bring people out of poverty, by giving them the tools to provide training and liquidity for entrepreneurial ventures via loans, investment, online working and crypto- financing as well as create new opportunities in the digital economy, locally, nationally and internationally.

Educational Platforms

The Rural Education Program symbolizes an innovative response to the commitment to bring rural population in Mexico online by ameliorating their skillsets and enabling them to become active participants in the digital economy.

We are teaching how to code with Codecademy online platform. Our program consist in empowering the young through code, ability they can later offer in online freelancing platforms. At the same time, we will create the opportunities for enterprises to hire our students.

We are currently transforming the lives of 120 high-school students from rural communities of State of Mexico, teaching coding abilities and connecting them with online freelacing platforms.

Digital Services

Since more than 57 million people are currently unconnected, this initiative introduces the benefits of the Digital Economy, such as: education, financial services, jobs, medical solutions, among others, generating more value to the communities at the same time that we open the door for new business opportunities.

Our goal is to deploy a fully internet integrated economy supported by the deployment of Mexicoin ecosystem. This digital currency will be the corner stone for future initiatives development and will empowered the people with better and faster services that are currently unavailable or are poored quality.